Rollover Guide

What is Rollover?

Rollover is an important process that needs to be completed at the start of every school year.  All students and teachers need to be moved to their new classes including any new staff members or new student enrollments.  

Who can perform a Rollover? 

1. Teachers may only perform a rollover for their own classes.

2. School Administrators may perform a rollover for all classes in the school.

Rollover with Matific in 2 simple steps:

1. Teacher: Set up new classes

When you log in for the first time in the new school year, you will be prompted to set up your new class.

2. Students: Select their new teacher

When students log in to Matific (using their previous username and password), they will be prompted to select their new teacher for the year. This will assign them to their new class. 

For NEW STUDENTS ONLY  - Sign up with Class Code or QR Code

Every Matific class has a class code and a QR Code. These can be found in the 'Class Management' --> 'Manage My Classes' section of your Matific Account.

Simply click the code on your account to print the URL and QR Code for your new students. 

  1. Children should scan the QR code and enter the form or go directly to
  2. Enter the class code and their name
  3. Once completed, they will be entered into their new class. 

Congratulations, you are ready to start the new school year.

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