Rollover Guide FAQs

1. What is rollover?

At the end of each school year, students are rolled over into their new classes. This requires all schools to undertake a simple process that involves both teachers and students. 

2. Will I still need to send Matific my new class lists?

You don’t have to send them to us. The rollover process will only handle existing students and teachers. If you have new additions to your school community, these people need to be added. We can do that for you, or your Matific Administrator can do that themselves. We have helpful articles on how to add new teachers and add new students that you can read. 

3. How do I get usernames and passwords for the students in my class?

If your students had access to Matific last year and they can’t remember their login details, you can download the full school list from the 'Class Management' tab and look their account information up.

4. How do I add new students?

If you have students in your class that are new to the school, click this article to learn how to add new students.  

5. How do new teachers get access?

As a new teacher at a school, the best way to get an account is for the Matific admin to invite you. 

6. I’m the Matific administrator, can I do the rollover for my teachers?

Yes, as an admin you are able to create all the new classes for your school. You will first need to go through the rollover process yourself. The first time you log in we will ask you to create a new class. Once you have done this you can then set about creating the new classes for the rest of your school. Once the classes are created the students can start logging in and selecting their teacher.

7. I’m teaching more than one class, what should I do in the rollover process?

You will be asked to create a class on your first login. Once you have completed this you can add another class from the 'Class Management' tab. 

8. I share a class with another teacher, how should we set this up in the rollover?

When you create your class you can add this person as your 'team teacher'.

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