Training Zone

Matific offers an efficient way to learn math. Students can complete activities that their teacher has assigned and can also do a self-exploration in the Full Course (now called Adventure Island). The only thing that is not available is the ability for the student to browse the activities by specific topics. Students may want to improve their score in a particular skill or practice a skill for an upcoming exam. This is now possible using the Training Zone. The Training Zone provides students with a simple way of browsing activities by skill to practice them. Immediate feedback on the overall topic/skill score will ensure that they keep improving. 

From the Training Zone, students can easily do the following:

  • Sort Skills: Easily switch the view to see skills ordered by your score or ordered alphabetically
  • Skill Health: Easily monitor your score across all math skills for your grade/year level. You will also be able to see how you’re doing as compared to the Matific Average Score. Your score is split into 3 easy to understand categories:
    • Strong Skills: If your score for a skill is 80% or higher, you are considered strong in the skill and your score is represented in green color
    • Needs Practice: If your score for a skill is below 80%, then you should improve your skill by practicing activities in the skill. A score between 50% - 79.99% is represented in yellow color, while anything lower than 50% is represented in red color
    • Not Played Yet: If you have never played any activity of a skill, it will fall under this category. You should try to explore the amazing activities in these skills and make them your strong skills
  • Practice a Skill: View all activities in a skill and play them by simply clicking the “Practice” button against each skill
  • Score Monitoring: See your score update instantly as you play and practice activities within a skill. You will also be able to see the difference from your initial score in that session - a great motivator for you to keep playing and keep doing well. The average score of the skill is also updated across reports in the Parent Dashboard
Getting Access: 

To get access to this resource, simply log on to the student account and click on 'Training Zone' in the menu. 

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