What is Class Code?

Class Code is a 6 letter and / or number code created with a new class.
We use it for students to join the class.
ATTENTION: the class code must only be used by a student once!

How to use the class code:

When the class is created, the code is automatically generated:

The teacher can send this code to his students so they can enter the class alone.

How the student uses the class code:

The student enters the website:


On the website he should insert on the left side:
- the class code
- Your name (student's name)
- Your surname (student's surname)
Click Play
Check the example:

And the student will already receive a username and password:

And could play:

The teacher will also see the student in his class too.

CAUTION: the next time the student login at Matific he must login with his username and password already created and not with the class code as this will create a duplicate user. The student can use the same website, but this time he must use the right side of the website.

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