Parent Zone- Registration

Go to Matific website and click on "For parents" at the top.

If your child already have a Matific account, click on "Access the Parent Zone"

Fill in your child log in details and click on "Continue"

If your child does not have a Matific account, click on "Start Free Trial"

You can purchase Matific independently even if your child's school did not purchase a subscription.

Fill in your details and create an account.

Choose a plan and fill in the payment details.

Click on "Let's Start"

Set up your parent profile and click "Done"

Set up your child's profile

Set your child's weekly learning goal and then click on "Add Profile".

Setting a goal won't lock your child from spending more time in Matific, the child can play as much as they like.

You can always change the set time under "My profile" section (see later on).

Choose a user to continue with, or add another child.

Choosing the parent will take you to the Parent Dashboard.

Choosing the child will take you to the child's map.

Log in to your Parent Zone

There are two ways to enter the Parent Zone.

1. Go to Matific website and click on "Log in"

Fill in your email address and password and log in.

2. Ask your child to log in into their Matific account, and then click on the "Parent Zone" at the top.

If you have a user, you will be directed to the Parent Zone dashboard.

If you don't have a user, you can enter your parent email and create it quickly.

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