Matific and Google Classroom

Below are the steps to import your students from your Google account into your Matific account.
1.Sign in to Matific and select Google Sync. 

Log into your Matific account and go to ‘Class Management’ then click on ‘Manage my classes’. At the top of the page, click ‘Add Class’ and you will find the option  ‘Import class from Google Classroom’.

 2.   Sign in to your Google account and allow permissions. You will only need to do this once. Select 'Allow'.

3. Choose the class you want to import and the year level and click ‘Import Class’.

4. Log out of and then back into Matific. Your classes and students should be available now.

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Here are some expert tips based on frequently asked questions:

Before logging in:

Make sure you're logged into your Google account in the browser.

How do I log in?

Please make sure you have completed your sync with Google Classroom. Go to and log in using the 'Login with Google' button. Then log in using your Google Classroom login details. 

What do I need to do before the sync?

Before syncing classes with Matific, please take a look at our limitations and verify that all your classes are in order.

How do I sync my classes?

 In order to sync classes, please go to the ‘Class Management’ and click on ‘Manage my classes' and press 'Google Classroom'. 

Are there any system limitations?

  • Class names need to have a maximum length of 32 letters, including spaces
  • Class names must not contain any special characters
  • Each class can have a maximum of 60 students
  • Each class should have a unique name (no 2 classes with the same name)
  • Please make sure you only sync your teacher Google account to Matific and you are not listed as a student on any other Google Classroom account
  • Please note that parent emails cannot be synced as per Google's policies

How do I change students' login / remove students/change info? After syncing your account with Google Classroom, any change you would like to make should be done on the Google Classroom site. Go to your Google account, make the necessary changes and then press 're-sync' on the class management page on Matific.

How do my students log in? 

After syncing your classes, students can go to, press 'Log in with Google' and enter their Google usernames and passwords. They will be able to log in to Matific without a new login.

Pro tip: It’s always good to make sure students log out at the end of the lesson on a shared device. Otherwise, when the next student tries to log in with Google they will be redirected to the previous student’s account.

How do I add/delete missing students from my class
All you need to do is to click again on "Add Class" in Matific and to choose the "Google classroom" option and there just select the class you have already imported. The existing students will be synced and not duplicated and the missing ones will be synced as well.

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