Performance Report

The Performance Report allows you to: 

  • Identify and understand the strengths and areas of concern, of your classes and students by topic. 

Performance report graph

Performance report students

1. Click 'Reports' -> Performance Report.

Click performance report

2. Select a class -> Select the whole class or a student.

Select performance report

3. The performance report compares the class average with the global average, national average or the class average 30/60/90 days ago.

Change comparison performance report

4. You can filter the report by curriculum, type of work, year and performance period. You can report on your students' performance at the end of a term by selecting the desired term. Click 'Reset' to apply default filters.

Filter performance report

5. Toggle 'Show empty topics' to show/hide topics that have no data for the selected filters. By default, empty topics are shown.

Show empty topics performance report

6. You can click the arrows on the right and left of the graph to view more topics.

View more topics performance report

7. Click on a topic to view its sub-topics and activities. Click the arrow on the top left to return to the previous topics.

View sub topics performance report

8. Scroll down and select a student to view detailed information about a student's performance.

Individual performance report

9. A student's performance is displayed under two tabs: 

  • Score Breakdown: categorized by topics
  • Activities Completed: categorized by activities and completion dates

Score breakdown and activities completed performance report

10. There is also an option in the top right area to export the report as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Export performance report

11. You can view details of the class and each student in the report.

Excel performance report

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