Performance Report

With our easy-to-read Performance reports, you can rely upon visual cues that indicate problem areas so that you know what’s working and what’s not with just a glance. Understand your class's strengths and areas of concern by each mathematics topic. Keep scrolling to see information about each student across those topics - color-coded so you never miss a thing. Just open the 'Reports' menu and click on 'Performance Report'.

In this report, you can view the class performance compared with other Matific classes.

Moreover, you can also check on your students' results by topic.

Of course, you can narrow the information even further if you'd like to check on an individual student's performance. To do so, click on their name.

When you look at a student's individual performance, you can see the 'Score Breakdown' and 'Activities Completed'. In 'Score Breakdown' you'll see the results by topic.

In 'Activities Completed' you can check the activities completed by date.

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