Matific and Clever SSO for Districts

At Matific, we understand that passwords can be annoying. This is why Matific and Clever have joined forces to make sure you and your students have one less password to remember. Here are the steps to ensure that you and your students can use Single Sign On (SSO) with Clever.

1.  Log into your Clever account.
Type into any browser and log into your district's Clever account. 

2.   Select the “Add Application” option 
After clicking the 'Add Application' button, search for Matific. Then select Matific and you can request to have it added to your District account. Set your data sharing permissions to let Clever know which of your schools or students will be using Matific.

Would you like to set a launch date?  A launch date will be the date that Matific and Clever start to work together. If you’re unsure of this, it’s only an option for now. You can decide or change it later, no worries.

Magic will start happening behind the scenes. The Matific team will sync your Clever data to provision accounts in Matific. Once your connection launches, everything should up and running at the press of a button.

You’re all set. Students and teachers in your district will now be able to log into Matific via Clever.

Need more help? If you need more help, both the teams at Matific and Clever are ready to help. To contact Clever, simply visit
To contact Matific, please email our friendly team at

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