Does Matific have worksheets

The worksheets purpose is to print a complement to our interactive activities.

To access the worksheets click on the ‘Content’ tab and ensure the class or students who you would like to assign worksheets to are selected from the drop-down menu. 

Then click on ‘PDF Worksheets’. 

Select from the available options to find the worksheet you require. 

Select whether you would like to view the worksheet content by choosing ‘Matific’, ‘Curriculum’ or ‘Textbook’ from the ‘View:’ options. 

Select the relevant criteria from the drop-down menus in the row below until you find the worksheet best suited for you students. 

Once you have found the worksheet you require, click ‘ADD’.

Once you added all the worksheets you wanted you can print a booklet with random questions or with preset questions.

Please watch the video below for further help

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