How to assign activities as Homework or Schoolwork

When you're assigning activities, you can choose whether to assign them as schoolwork or homework. Doing so is easy!

You just need to follow the normal procedure when searching for an activity. First, open the "Activities" menu and click on "Find activities":

Then, open the topic you are interested in to search for specific activities:

Remember you can also search by keyword on the search bar:

Once you've opened the topic, you will see that on the upper right corner, you can choose between a house and a graduate cap. If the circle is pointing to the house, the activity will be assigned as homework. If the circle is pointing to the graduate cap, the activity will be assigned as schoolwork.

Moreover, if you assigned the activity before choosing where to assign it, don't panic! Simply click on the icon next to the "Unassign" button, and the activity will change from schoolwork to homework, and vice versa.

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