Placement test - What it is and how to turn it off

When starting off in Matific or at the beginning of every school year, we offer an optional placement test designed to help both our program and the teacher understand where each student is on their personal maths journey. Completely embedded into the game-like atmosphere, the main goal of the placement test is to ensure that each student begins their experience on Adventure Island in their zone of proximal development. Plus, this helps students start off on the right foot, full of confidence and ready to grow.

We say it's optional because teachers can choose to disable it, just like any other Matific feature. Teachers need to go to "Class Management":

Once there, click on the three dots on the right of the class name, and select "Manage Class Details":

Open "Advanced Settings", and scroll down to be able to turn off different features, like "Parent-assigned activities" or the "Placement test". If the circle points rightwards and is green, the feature is turned on. If it points left and looks grey, it is turned off:

Remember: features can be turned off and on at any time! Moreover, if you need a reminder of what every feature is about, just click on the "i" on the left of the circle.

Now, you must be interested in knowing how the placement test works and what it looks like. Well, the placement test consists of twenty to twenty-five questions that aim to determine the student's level. According to the results, the student will start at a place of development proximity, and will be assigned more or less difficult questions, and may be assigned revision activities or even new challenges! The placement test looks like this:

The student can choose to take a break from completing it and finish it at a different time.

How can you, the teacher, know which students have completed the placement test and the score they got? It's easy! Open the "Reports" menu and choose the option "Placement test":

Once there, you'll be able to see which students completed the test, the score they got, and the students who need to yet complete it:

In this section, Placement Test Report, you'll be able to reset the test for the class.

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