Placement test - What is it and how to disable it?

When students begin their Matific journey, they are given an optional placement test to determine their current skill level. This helps us set the students in an appropriate developmental stage and assign them relevant activities to grow. However, placement tests can be disabled if desired.

A placement test has four to twenty questions. The exact number of questions varies based on the year and locale of the student. Foundation/kindergarten students may not have placement tests.

Placement test questions

Disable placement tests

1. Click 'Class Management' -> Manage My Classes.

Click manage my classes

2. Click the three dots next to your desired class -> Manage Class Details.

 click the three dots next to your desired class -> Manage Class Details

3. Click 'Advanced Settings.'
    Scroll down to 'Student experience settings' -> Disable 'Placement Test.'
    By default, placement tests are enabled.

Disable placement test

View this article to learn about placement test reports.

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