Parent-assigned Activities

Now, parents can assign their children activities, which will appear on a special map called "Parent-assigned", inside the "Assigned activities" map:

Teachers can choose to turn off this feature in case they want to be in full control of the activities the student should complete. To turn this feature off, they just need to go to "Class Management":

Once there, click on the three dots on the right of the class name, and select "Manage Class Details":

Open "Advanced Settings", and scroll down to be able to turn off different features, like "Parent-assigned activities" or the "Placement test". If the circle points rightwards and is green, the feature is turned on. If it points left and looks grey, it is turned off:

There is a limit to the number of activities a parent can assign to their child - 6 per topic at one time. Once the student completes those six, the button automatically reverts back to "assign" on the parent dashboard and they can assign another 6 activities for that topic.

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