Placement Test Report

The Placement Test report allows you to:

  • Check which students have completed their placement test, their score and grade level.
  • Check which questions were answered correctly/incorrectly, or skipped by each student.

Placement test

1. Click 'Reports' -> Placement Test.

Click placement test

2. Select a class -> Select the whole class or a group.

Select placement test

3. A student's grade level is determined by their score:

  • 0-59%: Below grade level
  • 60-100%: Grade level or above

Placement test details

4. You can sort the report by student name, assessment readiness, overall score, and the number of correct, incorrect, and skipped questions.

Sort placement test

5. You can also select a student to view more information: 

  • The date placement test was taken
  • Correctly/incorrectly answered and skipped questions

Select student placement test

6. There is also an option in the top right area to export the report as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Export placement test

7. You can view details of the class and each student in the report.

Excel placement test report

8. You can also reset the test for the entire class, or one or more students.

Reset test placement test

View this article to disable placement tests.

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