FAQ - New student experience


1. What is the new Student Experience?

We believe that maths should be fun, engaging, and filled with “Aha!” moments. We’re always innovating and improving Matific, and the new Student Experience is our latest creation! With the help of our experts on the Academic Board, we’ve used cutting edge research to update and improve the platform for everyone to enjoy beginning in September 2021.

The new student experience features:

  1. A game-based immersive learning experience
  2. A personalised and adaptive learning path, including a Placement Test
  3. A three-tier reward system to motivate students
  4. A dedicated area for all teacher (or parent) assigned work
  5. A training zone to practice all maths skills

2. What’s changing for the students?

It’s a brand-new student experience for every child!

  1. Create and customise an avatar
  2. A mentor character for motivation and guidance
  3. An Adventure Island that’s personalised to each and every student
  4. Matific coins / currency to redeem enhanced rewards
  5. “My Adventure Book” for a sense of fun and achievement

Assigned work and training zone are still available as before, with a new look and feel.  Matific Arena will be offline until 2022.

3. What’s changing in the teacher platform?

Teachers and parents will enjoy the same platform they know and love, while guiding students through a more robust learning experience with new and engaging features. Reports, insights, and student progress are easy to access and monitor through this portal. Plus, we’ll send regular updates straight to your inbox so that you’re always up-to-date on your students’ progress.

4. Will it be still available in all languages?

Yes, definitely.

5. Can I assign homework separately?

Yes. There are separate sections for assigned work: schoolwork and homework. Teachers are able to take full control and complement Adventure Island with assigned work.

6. Can I still use groups to organize my students?

Yes, we are not making any changes in this area. You will still get access to the powerful tools that help you to assign and differentiate - you can create groups of students in your class, then assign and personalize specific work as schoolwork/homework to specific groups.

7. What happened to the planner?

It’s still there, but now it is off by default. Previously, classes were created with the planner already running, ensuring students had access to activities immediately. Adventure Island meets this need, only better! You can enable (or re-enable) your planner by clicking the toggle on the dashboard for your class.

Accessing the new student experience

1. What do I/my students need to do to access the new student experience?

If your students use a desktop or laptop to access Matific, there’s nothing they need to do. To experience Matific on a mobile or tablet device, make sure that your students update their student app to the latest version.

2. Will it work on iPad? 

Yes. Use the dedicated mobile/tablet app for optimal performance.

3. Can I use the old interface now and switch next year? 

No, the old interface is being retired with the launch of the new student experience. Make sure that students update the app to the latest version on their device.

4. Can I use the previous versions of Matific on mobile or tablet?

No, old versions of the application will no longer work. You need to upgrade to the latest version of the app.

5. The Matific student app keeps crashing. How do I fix it?

You need to upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Placement Test

1. What is the Placement Test?

The Placement Test includes roughly 20-25 straightforward questions that cover past and future topics, based on the student’s grade or year level. It identifies the starting point for the personalised student learning path in the Adventure Island that provides the right activity at the right time.

Note: the placement test is not available yet.

2. Where do I find the Placement Test?

You don’t need to assign it - the Placement Test is automatic. It is the first thing the student will encounter when they access Adventure Island. As your students complete the test, you will get access to a dedicated report that provides completion status as well as a summary of correct and incorrect responses.

3. Will the students be forced into doing the Placement Test in October?

By default, a student’s Adventure Island experience begins with the Placement Test. Teachers can switch the placement off at a class level in advance, but this is not recommended. The placement test helps to identify the zone of proximal development for each and every child - which then sets them on the most optimal path to success. 

4. How do I switch off the Placement Test?

Use the setting in class management to switch the placement test off for each class.

5. Can I get students to do the Placement Test again? 

No, students only take the Placement Test at the start of their Matific journey each school year. Teachers can view student improvement by using the Performance Report to keep track of every skill and topic across the whole class, as well as each individual student, over all activities they encounter on Adventure Island.

6. Are the placement tests's grades appropriate? How do you differentiate this test from grade 1 - 6? 

The test is different for each grade, covering 75% of the topics from the previous school year and 25% on future topics . This is a healthy mix designed to understand what benchmarks students have reached from their previous year of schooling.

7. How can I check the result of the Placement Test?

There is a new report on the teacher platform that shows the completion status and results of the Placement Test. Use this to understand who has completed the test, what questions they got correct and incorrect, the topic area of questions, and their overall score.

8. How long will it take for students to complete the Placement Test?

The Placement Test contains 20-25 questions, which can take anywhere between 20-40 minutes to complete. The test doesn’t need to be taken in a single sitting - students can take a break and resume from where they left off.

Mentors and Avatars

1. What is the Mentor in the new student experience?
In the new student experience, students will meet and befriend Yedi, the mentor who will guide the students on their journey. Yedi is fun, energetic, smart and courageous. She will help to motivate, guide and lead students on the path of success. Yedi loves her friends and inspires and motivates them to succeed in everything they do! 

2. Do the characters speak out loud to provide feedback? 

At this time, Yedi and all other residents of the Adventure island share their thoughts and feedback in writing. We are working very hard to give them all a voice! All activities that the students encounter will still have voice-over capabilities, as before.

3. How long does it take for students to choose their avatar? Is there a time limit?

There’s no time limit! At the start of their journey, students won’t have many customisation options available. This prevents students from spending too much time here. As they progress through their learning journey, they can return to customise their avatar with the rewards they have earned.

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