The new Planner!

The planner is a new, fully flexible tool that will help you to plan ahead, arrange and adjust your work plan during the school year.

Each school and class have a default plan. If the class belongs to a school, it will get the default plan of that school. Once a teacher makes some changes to a plan, it becomes a custom plan, and the custom plan is then added to "My Plans".

To start, click on the "Activities" tab and then click on "Scope & Sequence".

To begin creating your planner, click on the "Activities" tab and then click on "Scope & Sequence".

Then, select the calendar relevant to your school, and click continue

From here, you have the option to start editing your planner, to begin, simply select “Edit”

Drag and drop the content strip using the mouse to change the order.

Click on the three dots button to set a week off, the content strips will move automatically to the next week. You can also click on the content strip and move it to another week of your choice.

Use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find outcomes or chapters and add to your plan with just one click.

Once you find the activity, you can click on the three dots button and move, schedule or duplicate the activity.

In the "Move to" option, choose a week on the planner to move the activity to. You can always move it again later on.

If you unschedule an activity, it will appear this way. Simply click on the three dots button, choose "Schedule on" and choose the week.

You can share your plan with other teachers or classes.

Click on the "Share" option and then click on the "Copy Code".

Then click on the "Load" option, paste the plan code and click on Import.

In the "New" option, you can choose a different curriculum, another textbook or topics, and see your plans.

You can activate and deactivate your plan.

When the plan is active, the activities will be automatically assigned to your students each week.

When the plan is inactive, your planned activities will not be assigned automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What's the difference between Planned Activities and AutoAssign?  

Matific’s Planned Activities feature is the newer and better version of AutoAssign.  Matitifc’s Planned Activities helps you align activities with your scope and sequence for the entire year, so students are automatically assigned the right activities at the right time.  It gives a clear overview of what you will be teaching each week throughout the year. Matific’s Planned Activities ensures that there is no repetition and no gaps in the teaching of content and skills. 

Does every teacher need to set up their scope and sequence? 

Teachers can share their scope and sequence with their colleagues. If multiple teachers use the same scope and sequence, it can be set up once and then shared. 

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