How do I add students to a class?

Click on the ‘Class Management’ tab. 

Click on the ‘Manage Students’ section. 

Select the class that you would like to add students to from the drop-down menu. You can add students individually or upload a whole group of students.

To add students individually click on ‘ADD 1 STUDENT’.

Fill out the information on the form. The ‘Student name’ and ‘Student surname’ is required. 

Choose a unique username and allocate a password to your student that they are likely to remember. [ If you do not complete the the ‘Student username’ and ‘Student password’ field you will be automatically assigned with a username and password.] 

To add multiple students click on ‘ADD MULTIPLE STUDENTS’

Click on the ‘Multiple Students Template’ this is an Excel file that will download to your computer.  

Fill out the spreadsheet and save it to your selected destination in your computer. Select usernames and passwords that are easy to remember. 

Go back to the Matific webpage. Select ‘BROWSE’ and find the recently saved file. 

Then click ‘ADD STUDENTS’.

If you are using SIS click here for information on how to create a new class. 

Please watch the video below for further help

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