Matific Play Arena for Teachers

Matific Play Arena is our newest feature, which teachers, parents, and students will all enjoy. Launch a friendly competition based on our always engaging activities to spark motivation among students. You don't even need to log in — have instant access anywhere!

Matific Play Arena for Teachers

Create an interactive, social learning environment in which students can truly enjoy maths! Reward your class with maths activities that grow peer-to-peer learning and foster friendly competition. Not only is Matific Play fun, but it offers a fantastic way to introduce, review, reinforce, and assess a whole range of maths topics. Building deep conceptual understanding has never been easier or more engaging!

Matific Play Arena for Students (currently teacher must provide the code but students will be able to start their own games and play against others as of July)

Challenge your friends in a friendly competition and win while you learn! With Matific Play, you can assess your skills and push yourself to do your personal best with each challenge. Say goodbye to boring worksheets and anxiety-inducing assessment tests. Say hello to fun interactive maths activities that build your knowledge and confidence.

To access Matific Play Arena:
Matific Play Website – Teacher-led mode

Step 1: If you are a teacher, ensure you are logged into Matific so that your students are alerted when you initiate a game. Go into Activities>Find Activities and select an activity.

Step 2: Once you have selected an activity, click “Play with class”. 

Step 3: After you have clicked on "Play with class", you will be redirected to host the game page, which has a unique code for your activity. 

Step 4: Instruct students to log into their Matific account and click on: "JOIN THE GAME

Step 5: Wait for your students to join. They will see this screen: 

Step 6: Once all students have entered the code, you will see the students' avatar names on your screen. You should click on the button “Start Activity” to start the game.

Step 7: Once all students have completed the activity or once you decide the time's up, you should click on “End Activity”.  You can view the complete list and leaderboard.

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