How to share a Matific Play Arena Code for Parents and Matific Website guests

Matific Play Arena is our newest feature, which teachers, parents, and students can all enjoy. Launch a friendly competition based on our always engaging activities to spark motivation among students. You don't even need to log in — have instant access anywhere!

Matific Play Arena for Parents

Matific Play’s entertaining maths activities will get your child hooked on learning! Turn screen time into learning time with interactive challenges that spur your child to do their personal best. You can even set up a family challenge to see who knows more...parents or kids? Then, share your results on social media and see if another family is up for a friendly competition!

To access Matific Play Arena:

Matific Play Website

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Here you have the option to click on the orange “Play now” button or watch the “How it works“video.

Step 3: By clicking “Play Now!” you will be directed to a selection of Matific activities to try out Matific Play Arena.

Step 4: Select the grade, topic or curriculum and choose a preferred activity type. 

Select an activity and click “Play with class”. You will be directed to the activity page to start the activity and click on “Play this with students”.

Step 5: After you have clicked on the "Play this with students" button, you will be redirected to host the game page, which has a unique code for your activity. Game participants need to open their browser and go to

Step 6: Students will be asked to enter the Activity Code you give them. They will then be asked for their first and last names and to click on “Start Now”.

Once all students have completed this process you will see their names on your screen. You should click on the button “Start Activity” to start the game.

Step 7: Once all students have completed the activity or once you decide the time's up, you should click on “End Activity”.  You can view the complete list and leaderboard.

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