How do I assign an activity?

You can assign activities to a class, group or student.

1. Click 'Activities' -> Find Activities.

Click 'activities' -> Find Activities

2. Select a class -> Select the whole class, a group or a student.

Select a class -> Select the whole class, a group or a student

3. Choose your assignment settings. For more information on assignment settings, view this article.

Choose your assignment settings

4. Search for activities or browse activities. For more information on browsing activities, view this article.
    Click 'Assign' next to a subtopic to assign all activities underneath it,
    or assign individual activities within a subtopic.
    Note: Workshops can't be assigned. 

Assign activity

5. You can click the calendar icon next to assigned activities to view the starting week of assignment.

Starting week of assignment

6. Assigned activities can be managed at 'Activities' -> Manage Activities.

Manage activities

View this article to edit assigned activities.

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