Matific Play Arena for Students - Start a game

1. Click 'Start a game.'

Click 'Start a game.'

2. You have two tabs to choose from to start a game:

  • My Activities: Activities that you have completed in Adventure Island.

    arena my activities

  • My Favourites: Activities that you have favourited in the past.
    To favourite an activity, view this article.

    arena my favourites

3. Click an activity to view more details: best score and the number of times played.
    There are two ways to start a game:

  • Quick match: Scroll to the bottom of this article for more information.
  • Play with friends: Click 'Play with friends.'

4. Each game has a unique activity code which participants can enter to join.
    Share this code with your participants.

    Click the link icon to copy the link and share it with participants.
    Example link:

Share activity code student

5. At least two participants are required to start a game.

6. If you don't have anyone to join your game, click 'Allow Guests.'

7. You can click 'remove guests' to remove them.

8. When all the players have finished the game or when you decide the time is up, click 'End Game For All.' 

Click 'End Game For All.'

9.  You can also abort the game at any time by clicking the close icon.
     This will redirect you to the screen in the previous step where you can end the game for all.

Abort the game student

10. Once you end the game for all, you will see the scoreboard.
      You can see the number of stars players have earned and their completion time.

Arena scoreboard

Quick match

1. Click 'Quick match' to start a game almost instantly.

2. The game will start after a countdown of a few seconds.

The game will start after a countdown of a few seconds

To join a game, view this article.

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