Why can't my students see the activities that I’ve assigned to them?

There are two reasons why this might occur. 

  1. You are not allocated to the right class 

This occurs when you and your students are not allocated to the same class. Ask your school’s Matific Admin to ensure that you are the ‘main teacher’ or ‘team teacher’ for the class that your students have been assigned to. 

Once your status has been changed you should be able to see your class and student activities.

  1. You have not clicked ‘assign’.

Matific gives the teacher the option of assigning activities or adding them for future use or classroom presentations. 

Students can only see the list of activities that are assigned to them. 

To check what your students have been assigned, click on the Matific icon. 

Click on the orange ‘ASSIGNED’ tab. Ensure that the activity you wish to assign to the class has ASSIGNED next to it. 

Please watch the video below for further help

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