How can I add a new teacher to my school?

To add a new teacher to your school you need to be a Matific Admin.  

If you are a Matific Admin start by clicking on the ‘Class Management’ - Manage all teachers

Click on +Add teachers on the top right corner

Click on Enter teacher details

Type the information of the teacher and click on DONE.

To invite multiple teachers click on ‘Upload your teacher list’.

Click on the ‘Multiple Teachers Template’ from the pop-up menu. This is an Excel document.  

Fill out the spreadsheet and save it to your selected destination in your computer. Please select a directory where this file will be the only file in it. 

Go back to the Matific page and click ‘Click or drop the file here to upload’.

Find the relevant file and click ‘Open’. 

Please note if your school has SIS you do not need to add teachers, they will simply be able to login.

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