Introducing the Dashboard

The Matific teacher Dashboard can be found under the Home heading of the Matific menu. It is made up of many different ‘cards’. Each card is designed to give you a different piece of valuable information. 

Onboarding Card

If you are a new user or haven’t yet finished setting up a class the dashboard will help you complete this with our onboarding card.

Work Progress

The “Work progress” card gives you a very quick insight into how the children are going with their assigned work. You can click on the three groups to find out who is finished, still progressing or not yet started.

Students needing help/excelling

The Students needing help/ Students excelling card is a great way to quickly know who you need to help or challenge further. The students names will appear on the card if their average score in a topic is less than 40% over the last 2 weeks. We have restricted the time frame on this so that you know this card gives you only the most relevant information that you can act on. If a child previously struggled with a topic but now has moved on and is doing well, we don’t want to confuse this great achievement with other children who still might need your help. 

Class performance

The class performance card is useful if you wanted to compare the students in your class and their performance against the average performance of Matific classes from the same grade in the country. The rot represents your class average and the bar represents the average for Matific classes in the country.  

School Leaderboard

The school leaderboard card is a summary of the existing leaderboard page that is now accessible in the reports section of Matific. Many teachers find it useful to show the students in the class who have earned the most ‘Matific stars’ in their student accounts. The stars showcase is a good combination of completed activities and average performance. 

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