What is the Auto assignment feature?

Auto assignment is a feature designed to aid the teacher by automatically assigning activities to your students. If Auto assignment is enabled for a class, you will get a fortnightly email with around ten activities that will be assigned to your class. The activities are chosen from the Matific Program by topic. 

The email will feature a green button that you can click to change topics. A reminder will be mailed a week later to inform you of your class’s progress. 

Based on your country/region, the feature may be named 'Planned Activities' or 'Scope & Sequence.'
For consistency, this article refers to the feature as 'Planned Activities' only.

1. Click ‘Activities' ->  Planned Activities.

Click planned activities

2. Choose your class and toggle 'Work Plan' on/off to enable/disable auto assignment.
By default, Work Plan is enabled.

Toggle work plan planned activities

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