How to use Matific ClassCast

Classcast is a new teaching tool that can be used to project a specific activity to any student's personal device who is currently logged in, no matter where they are.

1. At the start of the lesson get your students to log in.

2. Go to the ‘Activities’ tab.

3. Locate the activity within 'Assigned' if it is currently assigned to your class or group. Alternatively use the Browse or Search tabs to locate the activity.

4. Click on the name of the activity you wish to present to your students.

5. Once the pop-up box has loaded go to the Teacher View. Locate the Classcast option below the activity and ensure your students are all logged in.  

Click on Classcast. Confirm which will turn the icon yellow.

Within a minute this activity will pop up on your student’s screen.  Don’t forget to assign this activity if it isn’t already so they have access to it in their map to complete again later.

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