What is student learning level?

Matific’s adaptive algorithm is optimised to help students complete all material for a grade.
It is called their learning level as they play on Adventure Island.
By default, a student’s learning level is equal to the grade of their class. But,

  • Students who perform poorly on the placement test may have their learning level set below their class grade.
  • Students who complete all material for a grade will have their learning level advanced to the next grade.

Teachers can also adjust a student's learning level without impacting the adaptive algorithm.


  • The placement test will always test students on prerequisite material from the two grades
    before the learning level. The learning level is read when the student launches the test.
  • We recommend setting a student's learning level to be a grade above where you think they might be, then administer the placement test. Once they finish the test, Matific will automatically update the student’s learning level based on their results.
  • A student's learning level is the 'overall goal', but the adaptive algorithm will draw from previous grades to address detected knowledge gaps. Once those gaps have been filled, the algorithm will return to the learning level.
  • A student's learning level is set to the class grade on rollover. Teachers may then reset the placement test, or adjust the learning level, for individual students or their whole class.
  • When a student finishes an activity on Adventure Island, their next activity recommendation is automatically calculated and placed on the student map. Any changes to the learning level will only affect future recommendations.
  • Changing the grade of a class will not affect the learning level.

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