Assigned Work Report

The Assigned Work Report allows you to:

  • Easily track work progress, completed activities, completion rate and average score for each student and the entire class.
  • Check which students have completed their assigned activities, are currently working on them, and haven’t started yet. 

  1. Hover over Reports > Click Assigned Work Report.
  2. Select a class > Select the whole class or a student.

     Select the whole class or a student

  3. You can also select a student to view detailed information: activity, topic, completion date, number of attempts, type of work and score.

    Select a student to view detailed information

  4. You can filter the report by assignment period, status and type.

    Assigned work report filters

  5. There is also an option in the top right area to export the report as an Excel spreadsheet. 

    Export report

  6. You can view details of the class and each student in the report.

    Assigned work report

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