Parent Zone - Dashboard

Designed with smart insights and comprehensive features, the Parent Dashboard is your tool for understanding, tracking, and supporting your child's learning progress!

At the top, you can switch between your children or add another child.

parent dash switch or add child.gif

Smart Insights

Get a snapshot of your child's academic performance. The Parent Dashboard provides real-time insights into what your child is working on, helping you understand whether they are excelling or facing challenges.

parent dash smart insights.png

Currently Assigned Activities

Effortlessly track your child's current assignments and support them accordingly.

parent dash currently assigned activities.png

You can easily differentiate activities assigned by your child's teacher and you.

parent dash currently assigned activities switch.gif

Learning Streak and Weekly Quest

Monitor your child's learning streak and track their progress toward weekly goals. Keep them motivated and ensure they meet their quest for the week.

parent dash weekly quest.png

Comprehensive Child Overview

Access a comprehensive overview of your child's Matific journey. Discover their overall scores and the number of completed activities, differentiating between self-initiated and assigned tasks.

parent dash comprehensive child overview.png

Weekly Summary and Topic Coverage

Stay informed about the week's learning journey with detailed weekly summaries. Find out which topics were covered, ensuring you're in sync with your child's curriculum.

parent dash weekly summary.png

Hover over a day to view a topic breakdown of attempted activities.

parent dash hover topic breakdown.gif

Click a topic to view activities attempted under the topic.

parent dash click topic.gif

Skill Performance

Dive deeper into your child's strengths and areas for improvement with skill-specific performance reports. Understand where they excel and where they might need extra support, allowing you to provide targeted assistance.

parent dash skill performance.png

You can hover over the yellow diamond to view your child's average score compared to their peers.

parent dash hover diamond.gif

Click a topic to view available activities under that topic.

parent dash activities under topic.gif

You can also assign and unassign activities.


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