Rollover Guide For Administrators

When a new academic year begins, you will get this prompt asking you to set up new classes.
Google Classroom classes need to be resynced as they cannot be rolled over.
You can click Add Class or Not Now.

Rollover prompt

If you click Not Now, you can add classes later from Class Management > Manage All Classes.

Click Add Class.

Click 'Add Class.'

There are three ways to add a new class:

  • Add a class
  • Add with CSV Template
  • Import from Google Classroom

There are three ways to add a new class

1. Add a class

  1. Click Add a class.

    Click 'Add a class.'
  2. Enter the details > Click Create Class.


  3. Select students to roll over into the class.
    By default, all students who were in classes a year junior to this class's year level are displayed.

    Select students to roll over into the class.

  4. However, you can also select students from other classes.

    You can also select students from other classes.

  5. Click Save.

    Click 'Save.'

2. Add with CSV Template

  1. Click Add with CSV Template.

    Click 'Add with CSV Template.'

  2. Click Download Rollover Roster.

    Click 'Download Rollover Roster.'
  3. Fill out columns G through K for all the students except those who already have a Current Class.
    You can also add new students.
    Email the completed file to and we will do the rest.

    Rollover sheet

3. Import from Google Classroom

Roll over a google class already synced with Matific:
Make the necessary changes from Google Classroom, resync the class in Matific and then change the year level. 

Else, you can import a new class:

  1. Click Import from Google Classroom.

    Click 'Import from Google Classroom.'
  2. Choose your classes and their year levels > Click Import Class.


Click Students Awaiting Rollover to view the students awaiting rollover. 

Click 'Students Awaiting Rollover' to view the students awaiting rollover.

You can move them to a class.

You can move students awaiting rollover to a class.

Or delete them if they are not in the school anymore.

Delete students awaiting rollover if they are not in the school anymore

You will get this prompt when all students have been rolled over.

Rollover success

Note: After a rollover, 

  • All reporting data is reset and will begin anew.
  • For students, only their coins, experience points, adventure island and training zone progress and will carry over.

Hint: Collaborate with your teachers before rolling over to avoid duplicating classes. 

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