Matific and Google Classroom FAQ

What should I do before syncing?

Before syncing classes with Matific, please check our system limitations and verify that all your classes are in order.

System limitations

  • Class names can have a maximum length of 32 characters, including spaces
  • Class names must not contain any special characters
  • Each class can have a maximum of 60 students
  • Each class should have a unique name 
  • Please ensure you are a teacher in your Google Classroom
  • Please note that parent emails cannot be synced as per Google's terms of service
How do I log in?

Ensure you have completed your sync with Google Classroom. Visit Matific and log in with Google.

Log in with Google

How do my students log in? 

Same process as above.

How do I make changes to the class? 

Any changes you wish to make should be done on Google Classroom.
After making the changes, visit Class Management > Manage My Classes and resync on Matific.

Resync with Google Classroom

To import a class from Google Classroom, view this article.

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