Training Zone

You can practice your skills in Training Zone!

Training Zone

Practice a skill

  1. Select a skill > Select an activity under the skill to practice.

    training zone select a skill.png

    training zone select an activity.png

You can practice skills at your learning level or at easier or harder levels.

Star Power

You will see your overall stars earned per skill. These stars represent your mastery of math concepts.
The more stars you collect, the more confident and skilled you become!

Downloading activities

You can practice skills offline by downloading activities on the mobile app. You can download by:

  • An activity: the specific activity will be downloaded.

    training zone download an activity.jpg

  • A skill: all activities under the skill will be downloaded.

    training zone download a skill.jpg

  • A skill level: all activities under the selected skill level will be downloaded.

    Download by skill level

Note: Downloading all activities under a skill level can take some time based on the available bandwidth. It may also slow down the app until all the activities have been downloaded.

A green tick will be in place of the download icon for downloaded activities.

training zone downloaded activity.jpg

  • Downloaded activities on a device are accessible to any user who logs into the app on the device.
  • Downloaded activities are available only from Training Zone. Each activity takes between 8-20 MB of storage.

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