Check if my students have completed their activities

Matific allows you to monitor your students' performance on all assigned activities. 
Assigned activities are displayed under two sections:

  • Current Activities: Activities which students can currently complete.
  • Scheduled Activities: Activities which students can complete in the future.

Manage activities

  1. Hover over Activities > Click Manage Activities.
  2. Select a class > Select the whole class or a student.
  3. View by due or stating week of activity. By default, View by Week Due is selected.

    Select view manage activities
  4. Each activity has a circle of completeness. Hover the pointer over a circle to view the number of students who have completed the specific activity.

    Class progress circle hover manage activities
  5. Click the circle to view more details. You can sort these details by group. To learn how to create groups, view this article.

    Class progress circle click manage activities
  6. Toggle Personalise to view or hide each student's score. There is an option to switch the table view. You can also unassign activities.

    Toggle personalise manage activities
  7. Click the graph icon or View Full Report to view the work progress report for assigned activities.

    View work progress report manage activities
  8. You can also change assignment settings.

    Change assignment settings manage activities


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