Live Classroom

Live Classroom allows you to engage with students better by monitoring them in real-time:

  • Monitor their progress in an activity
  • Monitor their current status: online, offline, struggling, not progressing

Live Classroom

  1. Click Live Classroom.
  2. Select the whole class, a group or a student.

    Select whole class, a group or a student
  3. There are five views (four tabs):
    1. The default view
    2. Online
    3. Offline
    4. Struggling
    5. Not progressing

      Click a tab to view students of the specific status. Click the active tab again to return to the default view.

      Switching between five views
      3.1 The default view:

      Displays students of all statuses. 

      Default view
      3.2 Online:

      Displays students who are online.

      Online view
      3.3 Offline:

      Displays students who are offline.

      Offline view
      3.4 Struggling:

      Displays students who have answered more than one question incorrectly recently.

      Struggling view
      Hover over the red icon to view how many questions the student has answered incorrectly recently.
      live classroom red icon.png

      3.5 Not progressing:

      Displays students who are online but idle.

      Not progressing view
      Hover over the purple icon to view how long since the student last answered a question.

      Hover over purple icon

  • These four options are available for all students regardless of their current status:
    • View performance report
    • View progress report
    • Edit student details
    • Download student login card

      Options for all students
  • Teachers can view the login details of students who are offline to help them log in.
    (Login details have been redacted)

    live classroom login.png


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