Parent Zone - Registration

  1. Visit Matific > Click Try Matific.

    Click 'Try Matific' on the top right

  2. Continue with Google/Apple/Email to set up a new account.
    However you continue, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

    create your parent account.png

  3. Or link your child's account if your child already has one.

    link child account.png

Set up a new account

Note: You can switch between the steps in the registration process if you wish to change something.

switch between steps.gif

    1. Enter your child's name.

      child name.png

    2. Enter your child's year at school.

      child year.png

    3. Select your child's approximate mathematics level.

      child level.png

    4. Select any starting topics.

      child topics.png

    5. Choose a plan > Create your account.
      You can also apply a coupon code if you have been offered one.

      choose a plan.png

    6. Set up your payment in one of three ways:

      • Credit/debit card
      • Google Pay
      • PayPal

        choose payment method.png

    7. Once your payment is successful, you can set up your profile.
      Fill in the required fields > Click Next.

      set up parent profile

    8. Set up your child's profile. Fill in the required fields > Click Next.

      Add your child's profile

    9. Set adaptive grade level to optimize the learning experience > Click Next.

      Set adaptive grade level

    10. Set a weekly quest > Click Next.

      Set a weekly quest

    11. Set the Matific Time: This sends reminders and calendar notifications.
      You can disable one/both sessions if desired. Click Next.

      Set the Matific Time

    12. Select your child's mathematics level to optimize the learning experience and complete the setup.

      optimize learning sequence

Link your child's account

  1. Enter your child's login details > Click Continue

    link child account.png

  2. Continue with Google/Apple/Email.

    link child account 2.png

  3. Set up your profile. Fill in the required fields > Click Continue. Once you complete this step, your parent account will be created and connected to your child's account.

    set up parent profile.png


Log in to your account

1. Visit Matific > Click Log in.

Click login

2. Log in based on how you signed up.

log in to your account.png

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