How can a parent assign and unassign activities?

Assign activities

  1. Select your child from the parent dashboard to whom you wish to assign activities.
  2. Scroll down to Skill Performance and expand it.

    scroll down to skill performance.gif
  3. Click a skill from which you wish to assign activities.
  4. Click Assign 5 activities to automatically assign five recommended activities. You can assign activities from as many skills as you wish, but only a set of five activities per skill at a time. You can assign another set once the current set has been completed/unassigned.

    parent click assign five activities.png

Note: You can't choose and assign/unassign a specific activity or change the number of activities assigned per skill.

Unassign activities

  1. Click the skill from which you assigned activities > Click Unassign activities.
    parent unassign activities.png

Note: Teachers can disable parent-assigned activities for school accounts of students.

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