Placement Test for Students

When you begin the Matific journey, you are given a placement test to determine your current skill level. This helps us set you in an appropriate developmental stage and assign you relevant activities to grow.

  1. When you try to enter Adventure Island for the first time, you will have to take the Placement Test. Once you complete it, you cannot retake it. But you can take breaks along the way to finish it at a later time.

    Placement test

  2. To take a break from the test, click the dropdown arrow > Close.

    Take a break placement test

  3. A confirmation popup will appear:

    • Click Exit to take a break
    • Click Continue Training to continue the test

      Take a break placement test confirmation popup
  4. To resume the test after you take a break, click Adventure Island.

    Resume placement test
  5. Once you complete the test, you get a pilot certificate. Now you can explore Adventure Island!

    Placement test pilot certificate

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