Plan Management - Save and Share Plans

All activities you have assigned to a class - those that have been completed, active now and scheduled for the future - can be saved as a plan.

  1. Hover over Activities > Click Manage Activities.
  2. Click Manage Plan.
  3. Click Save & Share Plans.

    save and share plan.png

  4. Enter the plan name > Choose assigned activities to save to plan Click Save.
    You have two options to choose from:

    • Anyone in the class - Will save activities assigned to anyone in the class (a student, group or the whole class)

      click save plan anyone.png

    • Whole Class only - Will save activities assigned to the whole class only

      click save plan whole class.png
      Note: Please ensure your plan name is unique.

      plan name already exists.png

      Example plan:

      example plan.png
      When saving these activities as a plan, if you choose:
      • Anyone in the class - All three activities will be included in the plan.
        When you load this plan elsewhere, the activities will be assigned to the whole class.
      • Whole class - Only one activity will be included in the plan.

  5. When you click Save, you also have the option to copy a link that can be used to share your plan.

    save plan and copy link.gif

  6. You can view and share all your saved plans under Share Saved Plan.

    share saved plans.gif

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