Teacher - Change language

Note: Changing your language will also change the available curriculums under which activities are organized. See the example at the bottom for more details.

  1. Click your profile > Account Details.
  2.  Scroll down to Account Settings. Change your Country/Region.
    The language is denoted by the two letters next to the country.

    teacher change language.png
  3. Click Update Settings.

    teacher language click update settings.png


Let's assume your current language is Argentina/en (English). These are your available curriculums.
argentina en curriculums.png

You change your language to Argentina/es (Spanish).
Though most curriculums are available in both languages, there are a few changes.

argentina es curriculums.png

You change your language to Australia/en (English) and the curriculums are vastly different.
These changes will apply throughout the platform.

australia en curriculum.png


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