Admin Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to empower school leadership with a comprehensive overview of your school's Matific activity. This dashboard is tailored to provide school administrators with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions and ensure Matific is leveraged effectively throughout the school.

Comprehensive School Overview

The dashboard offers a holistic view of your school's Matific engagement. You can easily access critical data points, such as the total number of activities initiated, time spent on tasks, and the number of student and teacher logins. Simplify the management of Matific throughout your school, reducing administrative overhead.

admin dash school overview.png

Detailed Usage Reports

Dive deeper into your school's Matific usage by class or grade level. This feature allows administrators to understand where students are most engaged, aiding in curriculum planning and resource allocation.

admin dash usage report.png

View your school's usage by class or year level.

admin dash usage year level.gif

Hover over a class to see a breakdown of started activities.

admin dash usage activities.gif


Enhanced Teacher Engagement Tracking and Support

Monitor and support your educators more effectively with insights into their engagement levels. The dashboard provides information on how long teachers have logged in and their overall engagement with Matific. Support and engage teachers better by understanding their Matific usage patterns.

admin dash teacher activity.png


Effortless License Management

Keep a close eye on license utilization. The dashboard provides a clear view of how many licenses are currently in use, ensuring that your school maximizes its investment in Matific.

admin dash your account.png

You can change your school representative or their details.
You can select a teacher as the school representative or add someone else.

admin dash edit school rep.gif

You can request to renew your license and even request Matific Training! 

admin dash renew licence.gif

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