Matific Arena for Students - Join a game

You can join a match in two ways.

arena click join a match.png

  • Current live games: these are games started by your peers from your class
  • Join with activity code: join any game by entering its activity code

join a match.png

  1. When you join a game, you'll be in the lobby until the host starts the game.

    student join wait for host.png
  2. If the host aborts the game in the meantime, you'll see this screen.

    join student game aborted.png

  3. You can also exit a game after the host has started it.

    abort a game student join.gif
  4. You'll see this screen if there are other players yet to finish the game.

    waiting for other players to finish arena student.png

  5. The scoreboard will show your score and the top three scores.

    arena scoreboard.png

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