Matific Arena for Students - Start a game

To start a game, you can either play a quick match or create a match.

  1. Quick match games will select activities based on your current learning level.

    arena quickmatch.png

  2. To create a match, you can choose a game from three sections:

    arena create a match students.png

    • Recommended for Me
      arena recommended for me.png

    • From Adventure Island

      arena from adventure island.png

    • My Favourites

      arena my favourites.png

  3. Once you choose a game, you can play with your friends or start a quick match.

    arena click play with friends.png

  4. At least two players are needed to start a game.

    arena student start a game how can others join hint.png

  5. You can copy a link to the game and share it with others to let them join your game.

    arena activity code copied.gif

  6. You can also allow guests to join your game.

    arena allow guests.png

    You can remove them if you change your mind.

    arena remove guests.png

  7. The game will end when all players have finished the game or you can end the game for all.

    end game for all student arena.png

  8. The scoreboard will show your score and the top three scores.

    arena scoreboard.png

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