My News

My News is a dynamic in-app notification system that informs you about important updates and opportunities for math exploration.

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  • Assignment Alerts:
    Never miss an assignment deadline. Get notified about new and overdue assignments, helping you stay organized and on top of your math assignments.
  • Arena Invitations:
    Receive notifications when your teacher invites you to participate in thrilling arena games.
    Don't miss out on the chance to challenge your classmates and test your math skills.
  • Rank Up Celebrations:
    Get notified instantly when you achieve a new rank on Matific.
    Celebrate your progress and keep pushing your math skills to new heights.
  • Achievement Unlocked:
    When you earn achievements, My News will let you know.
    Collect your virtual badges with pride and showcase your math prowess.
  • Discover New Features:
    Stay up-to-date with all the latest features and updates on Matific.
    We'll let you know when exciting new tools and enhancements are added to the platform.
  • Direct Links:
    Every notification comes with a direct link, allowing you to jump straight to the relevant area with a single click. It's quick and convenient.

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