Lock areas until assigned work is complete

Teachers can lock specific areas within Matific until students complete their assigned work.
These include Adventure Island, Training Zone, Arena, Adventure Book and Avatar Customization.

This feature empowers educators with the ability to curate a focused learning environment, encouraging students to prioritize their educational objectives before exploring additional content.

  1. Hover over Class Management > Click Manage My Classes.
  2. Click the three dots next to your class > Manage Class Details.
  3. Click Advanced Settings > Click the dropdown menu >
    Select Off until completing all active assigned activities Click Save.

    off until assigned work is complete.png

Students can see that certain areas have been locked.

locked areas.jpg

When they try to enter those areas, they will be greeted with a similar message.

area locked.png

Once a student finishes their assigned work, the locked areas get unlocked.

unlocked areas.jpg




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