Matific Arena for Guests - Join a game

You can join arena games hosted by teachers, students and other guests!
Each game has a unique activity code. The game's host will share a link that includes the activity code, which you can use to join the game.

  1. Visit the link shared with you > Enter the activity code > Click Verify.
    Example link:

    Enter activity code guests

  2. If the activity code is valid, you will be asked to enter your name to join the game.

    Enter name to join game

  3. Once you join a game, you will be in a waiting room till the game's host starts the game.

    Arena waiting room

  4. If the host aborts the game while you are in the waiting room, you will see this screen.

    Host aborted game before starting

  5. If you have finished the game whereas others still haven't, you will see this screen. Even if others have finished the game, but the host is yet to end it, you will still see the same screen.

    Waiting for other players to finish

  6. Once the host ends the game, you will see your score and the top three scores.

    Arena scoreboard

  7. If you wish, you can sign up with Matific.

    sign up from arena

  8. You can also explore Matific without signing up. However, this has limited functionality.

    explore from arena

  9. If you clicked Explore, you will be asked to select your year level.
    Once you select your year level, you can explore Matific!

    arena guest explore.jpg

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