Parent Zone - Add another child

There are two ways to add another child:

  1. Parent Dashboard > Click the plus icon next to your child.

    Click the 'plus' icon next to your child
  2. Click Account details > Add another child under Children Details.

    Click 'Account details'

Click 'Add another child' under Children Details

In both ways, you can:

  • Get an additional license.
  • Connect your child's Matific school account.

Get an additional license

  1. Click Get additional license.

    Click 'Get additional license.'
  2. Follow the standard signup process.

Connect your child's Matific school account

  1. Click Connect Child's Account.

    Click 'Connect Child's Account.'
  2. Enter your child's login details > Click Add Child.

    Enter your child's credentials
  3. Click Connect Account.

    Click 'Connect Account.'

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