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Here, you'll find a list of common tasks you may perform often.

  • Click your profile > Account Details.

    profile account details.png

  • Select your class.

    Select your class.

  • Select a class > Select the whole class, a group or a student.


  • Click Live Classroom.

    Click live classroom.png

  • Hover over Activities > Click Manage Activities.


  • Click Manage Plan.

    click manage plan.png

  • Hover over Activities > Click Find Activities.


  • Hover over Reports > Click Student Activity Report.

    click student activity report.png

  • Hover over Reports > Click Assigned Work Report.

    click assigned work report.png

  • Hover over Reports > Click Placement Test.

    Placement test.png

  • Hover over Reports > Click School Leaderboard.

    School Leaderboard.png

  • Hover over Class Management > Click Manage My Students.


  • Hover over Class Management > Click Manage My Classes.


  • Hover over Class Management > Click Manage All Teachers.*


  • Hover over Class Management > Click Manage All Classes.*


  • Click the three dots next to the class > Manage Class Details.

    manage class details.png

*These options are only available for admins.

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