Educators - Getting Started

  1. Once you sign up for a teacher account, you can first complete your profile.

    teacher onboarding complete your profile.gif

  2. After that, our Get Started with Matific tutorial will guide you through the basics.

    Get Started with Matific

    You will learn how to:
  3. When you have done all that, you can track your student orientation progress in your dashboard.

    teacher onboarding student orientation progress.png

  4. Once one of your students logs in and completes their first activity, you will have completed the basics.

    onboarding student account setup progress.png

    getting started done.png

  5. The next time you log in, our Get the most out of Matific tutorial will guide you through some more advanced features. You can also dismiss them and explore our platform at your own pace.

    teacher dash pro tips.png

  6. You can also redo any step.

    teacher dash tips redo.png

  7. If you accidentally dismiss the tutorials or simply want to redo them, click the question mark in the top-right area and reactivate the tutorials.

    teacher dash reactivate trials.png

You are all set. Welcome to Matific!

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